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My first order as of today!

So far I have completed Mikayla’s order and am now on Bella’s! All of Mikayla’s outfits turned out great. Hopefully today I can get all but the ruffle shorts done on Bella’s. Here is what we got so far:

Mikayla’s order

LOVE this print ūüôā

Wasn’t sure how the straps would look. Turned out nice. I may go and put some on stinks!

Love the print on this one too. So pretty!

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My First “Order” as of 3/12/11

So far I have completed most of one order. I have done three dresses and one pair of shorts. That leaves, for this order one dress and one pair of shorts left. Then on to the second order, which has four shorts, three halter tops, three peasant shirts, and three dresses. Whew! Thank God for my mother-in-law for watching Stink.

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My Serger and I are Friends Again

A few months ago a close family friend of ours gave me one of her Sergers that she never uses. I was beyond thrilled as it’s an Elna Pro 905 (at least $1500 machine!) The only catch was that I had to have it serviced. When I took it in to have it serviced it turned out that it was in BAD shape. I had them send it off to Janome to have it fixed. It wound up costing around $350 to fix. I didn’t complain though, because honestly that is still a steal. Anyways, I finally got it back in January and quickly realized why she never used that particular Serger. It is a PAIN to thread! Once I got it threaded the thread kept breaking or I would screw up what I was trying to make some how. So I got mad at the Serger, vowed NEVER to use it again, and stuck it way back in the back of my closet shuttering every time I saw it. I was overwhelmed. There were so many stitches and threads and what nots that this machine could do that I just couldn’t handle it at the moment.

Fast forward to today. I decided that I wanted to make Stinkerbell another pair of shorts like I had done before in this post. Only I wanted a rolled hem instead. Thus, the Serger entered the picture. I pumped myself up for it saying that I would not be scared to simply try a 5 thread stitch. So I did it. I cut out my fabric, I threaded my beast of a Serger, and I went at it with fiercness.¬† I was SO excited because¬†it went so smooth. The thread didn’t break (until close to the end- so I was all “Oh no you didn’t! I WILL finish the Serging part on the Serger!”) and I got the shorts made. Rolled Hem and all!

This pattern was purchased at So Tei Tei’s Etsy Shop (I just did them hem around the bottom a little different) Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this pattern. Super simple and fast!

Summer Shorts

Rolled Hem

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Who wears short shorts? And Leggings?

Stinkerbell does that’s who! I found this really cute and simple pattern at So Tei¬†Tei¬†for shorts and decided to whip up a pair or two for Stinkerbell out of scrap fabric (she’s 2 so there isn’t that much of her to cover!) Anyways, the pattern is super easy to follow and really does take less than 30 minutes. I have to admit, I am in love with it! I can’t wait for summer to come so that I can make her some more! Here is how mine turned out!

I also found this tutorial for leggings at Mommas Kinda Crafty’s blog. ¬†This idea is beyond awesome. Why? Well, when you have a child who has ridiculously¬†long legs and you are a stay at home mom who has one of the world’s most frugal hubby’s you run into the leggings dilemma. What is the leggings dilemma, you ask?d Well, it’s what occurs when you have a sweet little girl with freakishly long legs like her daddy’s and a super skinny waist. Couple that with the cost of A PAIR of leggings¬† and you have what I call the “leggings” dilemma. Do you really want to pay $8-$10 for a pair of leggings that will most likely not fit her in either the length of her legs or the width of her waist? Do you really want your husband to give you the “why did you buy those and waste our money when you know they won’t fit her” look again? No. No you do not. So what do you do? You make her a pair out of really cheap socks, $2, ¬†from Target that she ends up LOVING more than the pair you bought her from Target that cost, and I am so not kidding you, $10.¬† Seriously though I made her four pairs for the cost of one pair. Also, these have been great since we have started potty training. They keep her legs warm but we don’t have to worry about wearing pants around the house! Plus, did I mention she loves them. She wants to wear them all the time! Here is the end product!

After all my sewing and what not Stinkerbell and I sat down to watch American Idol. That is where I saw someone who may just be the creepiest person alive. Ever. I mean EVER! See:

Am I right or am I right? Creepiest EVER!

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