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Skinned knees, Mud, Dresses, the Crud, and more

So last week was pretty busy around our house. Stinkerbell went to see the Disney Princesses at our local library. She was fine at first. Then she was not at all interested in standing/sitting anywhere near them for photo ops. So I only got one picture and well, it’s not that great. Also, I can’t find it on the computer right now so I’ll have to post it later. When we got home she fell in the driveway and skinned her knee. Poor girl boo hooed like mad. It was our first skinned knee. I think she cried more than when she knocked her tooth out

 Anyways, I did manage to make Stinkerbell a new shirt and a new  dress. The shirt is the Farmland Blouse from Babes of Sweet. I love all of her patterns that I have purchased so far. They are definitely beginner friendly, filled with photos showing and detailing each step, and well, just plain adorable. Here is how mine turned out:


Is it weird that my kid loves Quakes Mini delights?


I also made her a new dress from a pattern that I purchased from Carolina Fair Designs. It turned out okay, but I think I’ll just line the next one instead of using bias tape. Or maybe I’ll just suck it up and use bias tape. I can only get better at it by practicing. Who knows. I guess we’ll see. It’s a very simple dress to make, less the bias tape. Here is how mine turned out. Stinkerbell refused to model it so…. Just ignore the yucky ironing board it’s on. I totally need to recover that thing….

pinafore front


pinafore back


In addition to my sewing we did manage to squeeze in some backyard fun. The weather was so nice and I couldn’t resist the urge to take her out there. All week long she and I spent hours outside soaking up the warm sun and playing in the mud.

and Squeeeeeeeeeeeze

I am fully aware she doesn't match. I just give her options people. She picks out the final look......

I guess since we had so much outside fun last week we were due to be stuck inside with the crud this week. I had to take stinkerbell to the doctor on Tuesday as she spent all of Sunday night and Monday coughing. I thought it was Croup again but turns out it’s just a seriously nasty cold. However, if it turns into Croup, then she will have to go see an ENT since that will be the third time in less  than six months. I guess they just want to rule out some underlying condition they might be missing. I’m hoping she’s predisposed due to being a preemie. So this week she has spent most of her time curled up on her daddy’s quilt on the floor with all her favorite things around her (which lovingly include me :))
poor pititful princess

Poor Pitiful Princess


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Another Day Another Doctor

As noted in my previous post I have been sick with the crud for the umpteenth time in the past 3 months. This of course means it will indefinately spread to all others in the house. Why you may ask? Well, because I have do pretty much do everything or A. It won’t get done or B. It won’t be done right and I will have to redo it because I can be OCD like that. Take for example this morning, my lovely husband woke me at 5:30 am because he wanted me to shave his head for him. Apparently he forgot to ask me last night because he was too busy playing poker and watching football….. I promptly told him “Um….No. I am attempting to sleep.” He begged. I stuck to my guns. However at this point I gave up on sleep because, let’s be realistic who reeeeeeally needs it. Oh wait the sick lady who has a now sick kid who only got three hours sleep thanks to a steroid shot (that still farking hurts) and a kid up coughing all night. That’s the kind of person I would guess needs sleep. Or I could be wrong.
Anyways, back to stuff relevent to the blog title. I took Stinkerbell in to the doctor due to her having a tale tell “Croup” cough all night. Sure enough she was diagnosed with Croup and we were sent on our way with my most favorite prescription in the whole fucking world. Steroids. Yay. I cannot contain my enthusiasm. No really who wouldn’t look forward to three days of a steroid crazed 2 year old who refuses to sleeps and will hit and kick you directly in the face. Not to mention she will literally run circles around the livingroom until she then decides to move on to either the dining room or to perform balance beam routines on the back of the couch. Yay. I. Can’t. Wait. Here is what she will resemble for the next three days:

Except for the whole she’s a girl and white, but you get the idea.
Here is what I will resemble:

Note all you will see when you look at me are going to be my poor sleep deprived eyes. Then on Saturday I get to run in a race. Awesome timing.

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There is Always One

Today I had to go to the doctor because I am yet again sick
with the crud. There is apparently an unspoken rule that once you
birth a child you are no longer allowed to be sick. Lets face it a
22 month old could give a shit if you don’t feel well. They are
still going to jump on your face whilst yelling “MAMA MAMA” at the
top of there tiny but deceiving lungs. So this morning I drag
myself out of bed with the intentions of going to the doc in the
box, get a make me feel better ASAP miracle shot in my ass, and
then hit the grocery store. Thankfully hubby got up to tend to the
little one so I didn’t have to drag her along with me. Am I ever
glad I didn’t bring her because I was there for 4 hours! I got
there at 8:30am. I knew there would be a bit of a wait as the
parking lot was full, but not FOUR HOURS! So I sign in. I wait. And
wait. At 9:30 they call me to the window. Yes, I’m next!
Nope……. They just need my co-pay and insurance info. I pay and
go back to waiting. And waiting….. Then 10:30 the nurse calls me.
You would think, as I did, I am on my way to being seen by the
doctor. Nope. They are just getting ny intake info (height, weight-
their scale LIES!, etc.) so then I’m told to wait some more until a
room is available. I wait.
That is when this old lady enters. She
clearly thinks she is on deaths door and should be seen immediately
but is not going to say it directly. Instead she is going to sit in
the lobby and sniffle/cough/sneeze in the most dramatic of fashions
while holding one of the tissues from the box she brought with her
but hid under her coat (because people care????) Now, keep in mind
that EVERYONE in this lobby is sniffling, sneezing, &
coughing. It’s just that time of year. Most of us
cough/sniffle/sneeze as gently as possible into our office supplied
tissues so as to not infect those already afflicted with even more
germs. But NOOOOOO not Old Lady Drama Queen. With every cough,
sneeze, and or sniffle she makes a complete show of it by doing it
as loud as possible with a GIANT sigh and then moan as to ensure it
is heard by the front office staff (who quite honestly do not give
a rats ass because bless their hearts they were doing the best they
could given there was one doctor and like 50 patients.) Then she
procedes to pester them by checking every 10 minutes to see if it’s
her turn yet. Ummm….. No biotch it’s not. It’s now 11:30 and I
haven’t been seen yet and I was here at 8:30! Each time she would
inquire and get the same response (“we are seeing patients as
quickly as we can. Please be seated and listen for your name to be
called.”) and each time she would do this pitiful face and cough
and then sit back down. These people irritate me, and quite
honestly I am way more easily irritated when I feel like crap. They
irritate me because they don’t think they should have to wait like
everyone else. Either they think they are more sick than others or
too good to wait with the “common” folk. People like that need to
just get over theirselves and realize that they are on the same
level as everyone else and they are just going to have to wait. She
probably thinks that Obama’s health care plan is going to solve
this for her, however, she’s in for a rude awakening (they’ll just
tell her- after she has waited twice as long- that she’s too old
for medicine so she should just go crawl in a hole and shrivel up
and die.) Anyways, back to my original tangent. I was able to snag
a photo of her pre-sneeze/cough. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos This was taken right before I was FINALLY called
back to a room. When I left at 12:30 she was still out there in
full on drama coughing mode. I don’t know how long she waited but I
hope the staff intentionally skipped her and made her wait like 6
hours P.S. My ass still farking hurts from the shot I got

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Running and I feel like crap :(

Back in August I started the couch to 5k running program.
Couch to 5k Pictures, Images and Photos
It’s a nine week program aimed at getting you off the couch and running. You start of simple and then progress as the weeks go on. It wasn’t to difficult and I completed the program in October. I ran my first 5k Oct 2010 and finished in 34:30ish minutes. I ran my second one Oct 30, 2010 and finished in 33:27. Yesterday I ran my third one and finished in 32:35. Also in Nov I started the Bridge to 10K program.
So far in conjunction with weight Watchers I have lost 39 pounds. I am 7 away from my goal. I have gone from a size 14/16 to an 8.

For the most part I have felt the best I have in a long time. However, apparently yesterday a sleeper cell was in my body and at approximately 2pm it attacked FULL F’ING force. it's not lupus - Stencil
I now have a sore throat and congestion like no other. OMG I feel AWFUL! Saturday morning my wonderful sis took the little one out of town for the weekend with her so I could run my race (hubby was out of town.) Thank GOD for that! I have no idea what I would have done if she hadn’t taken her. my family rocks today. They are keeping the little one a little longer today so I can recover. While I was recovering I made two pairs of PJs. One for my older sister, which didn’t turn out so great……., and one pair for myself. I am now curled up in my new PJs, in my bed watching the same episode of “Disappeared” for the 1000th time. There is NOTHING on tv 😦


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