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Friday’s Five Things I Learned at the Zoo Today

My little Lioness! RAWR


Today I decided to take Stink to the Zoo because quite frankly this morning I cleaned the house and wanted it to stay that way for at least 30 minutes. Once I said the words “bye bye” we couldn’t get out the door fast enough for Stink. Stink LOVES going to the Zoo so we have a membership and thus we don’t have to pay every time we go. TOtally worth it since during the warmer seasons we go at minimum once a week. In addition to this our membership allows for discounts at various other Zoos across the nation. Sweet! Anyways, today’s trip to the Zoo was quite the adventure. It was the first time I really let Stink walk instead of being in the stroller. She did okay for a while but then didn’t want to hold my hand so I made her get in the stroller. She loved seeing all the animals. This trip, unlike all the previous ones, she was able to say what the animal was and make the appropriate sounds associated with them. What a smart cookie I have! Here is what I learned at the zoo today:
1) Friday’s are field trip days. It was PACKED!

2) Not all animals are caged at the zoo. Some visit while on field trips with their school…….

3) Some people just shouldn’t be allowed in public with children because their children act better than they do.

4) My child weighs less than a Giraffe heart.

The average Giraffe heart weighs 25 lbs. Stink weighs 24- on a good day......

5) I’m pretty sure no matter where we go Stink will always want “STICKIES!”

Currently we LOVE Giffs (pronounced Jeffs) as she calls them

Here are some other pics from the day:

These guys were very vocal today! Stink didn't know what to think 🙂

She loves the MaCaws at the entrance!


This guy is my fave! He's usually hiding but today he was out and showing off!


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Backyard is open for play!

My Sweet Gumball 🙂


I am so thankful that warm weather is upon us. Today Stink and I spend the later part of the afternoon and early evening outside. She had so much fun digging in the mud. Stink even discovered how to use a stick to paint with the mud. Only bad part is it was on my jeans and I didn’t realize it until too late…. Oh well, into the laundry pile it will go. I hope the weather stays nice like it was today. Then we won’t have to worry about Stink messing the house up too much once we put it on the market. In the pic you will see that she is wearing a shirt I made from this pattern. I am definitely going to have to whip up a few more before Summer hit’s in full force. It’s a perfect shirt for Spring, Summer, and Fall!

I wish I had those lashes! Sigh... She gets them from her daddy.


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Week with Nana and Great Grandma

Last Friday Stink and I went to my in-laws so that hubby and his dad could do the final touches to get the house ready to sell. Stink and I had a great time. I got a TON of sewing done thanks to my mother in law watching Stink for me. I was even able to run at a friends house on their treadmill. We were only supposed to stay until Tuesday, but on Monday hubby called and said things were taking longer than expected. We stayed until Wednesday. Here is our week in photos:

We loved on everyone:
Great grandma

Rusty got the most loving!

We ate:


Cornbread and bean soup

She even helped cook!

We played:

With buckets

And beans in bowls

And watched movies

And after long mornings and fun filled evenings we slept

Sometimes where ever we could

What did you do this past weekend? What do you have planned for this coming weekend? I’m running a 5k to support the fight against child abuse.

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Potty Training and an IPad

Potty Training has definitely begun in our house. I downloaded the IPad app called Igo Potty. It goes off every two hours (or how ever often you set it to) to remind you to take the little one to the bath room. Then if they go potty then they get a sticker. Once they reach 9 stickers it unlocks a game. I got the app about a month ago. Initially Stink showed a great interest in going potty. Really all she did was sit on the potty but nothing else. I’m sure this is awful of me but I totally bribe her with playing on the IPad in order to get her to sit on the potty. After a week of going every two hours (but no actual potties) she waned in interest. So, I didn’t push it with her. Then this week she was moved up a class at Mother’s Day Out. Now, she is all about the potty again! This week she has defiantly improved! She actually told me the other day that she had to “go potty” and then actually went! Here is where the problem lies…… Earlier in the week when she had a complete melt down about the potty I may have eaten all of the M&M’s…….. The only thing I had to give her as a reward was this:

I hope she doesn't expect ice cream every time.....

As I said before I’m sure there are some of you out there that think it’s awful to let my child play with my IPad while sitting on the potty. However, I’m all about whatever works! Hope you all out there have success in potty training your little one no matter what route you choose.

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I Have No Idea Where She Comes Up With This Stuff

This is what happens if I leave the room for five minutes:

She gets this from her father I swear!

It’s no wonder that by age 1 she was already missing a tooth. She definitely keeps me on my toes. Today she pretended to cook me some “tatoes” (which I can only assume is potatoes- which is odd because she HATES potatoes.) It could have been tomatoes….. She does LOVE those (gag.) Anyways, I was to pretend to eat these “tatoes” whilst wearing a tiara on my head. Some days my job is just soooooooo hard…… 🙂 I love being her mommy!

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New “Kiki” for Stink

As you might recall my little Stinkerbell has an affinity for sucking on things. She used to have this purple lovey, you can read about it here, until I tried to replace it with an identical new one. She totally didn’t buy it though. So, I washed it and put it in a safe place. That is when she decided that she would become attached to two blankets that some one gave us. They are these adorable and soft blankets that have fluffiness on one side and channell (sp?) lining the other. Huh? Channell?????? Yeah….. so that made it through all of like 10 washings. Then I had to cut the linings off because they were shredding and I’m a first time mommy and the thought kept racing through my head “what if she chokes on it?????????” So we were then left with two hideously ugly blankets that my Stinkerbell is completely attached to. More so than the lovey. She calls both the blankets “kiki.” I guess she couldn’t say “blanket.” Who knows. THat’s also what she calls one of my sisters…… Well, as you can imagine these blankets are worn and torn. I thought since I am sewing now that I would make her a new one. Here is what I did:


1 yard of soft fluffy type fabric (machine washable is a must with little ones!)

1 yard of lining (again, machine washable people!- we’re talking about a two year old here :))
2 packages of corresponding piping (about 5 yards total I think.)

Step 1. Cut both the main fabric and lining to your desired length

Step 2. Pin the piping to the wrong side of the main fabric with the piping part just hanging over the edge. When you have to use a new piece of piping just do it like this- on the last inch of the piping undo the stitching and cut out the inserted cording. Then place the new strand of piping in at where you cut off the old piping. Continue to pin.

Step 3. You can skip this step if you are more advanced at sewing. I am not, so I sewed the piping onto the main fabric to help keep it in place.

Step 4. Pin the main fabric and lining fabric wrong sides together so that the piping is sandwiched between them. Sew around the seams leaving a two inch opening.

Step 5. Trim any excess and then turn right side out.

Step6. Close up your hole and then continue to top stitch around the blanket outside to give it a finished look.

Here is mine:

blanket 1

Sorry the pic is so crappy. It was late and all I had handy was the Iphone

blanket 2

She is SUPER into hearts right now. She is showing me each of the hearts on "new kiki" Sadly though, she wouldn't give up the old ones... Now we have 3 kikis.....

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A Trait She Gets from Her Mother

Stinkerbell has always been delightfully entertained by the act of cleaning. Once she was able to walk she would take wipes and “clean” the walls, stereo, couch, whatever she could reach. She would spend hours pretending to clean and giggling about it. Now she even says, “Mommy clean?” “Me CLEAN!” It’s way too cute. I”m pretty sure she learned this from me. I tend to dance and sing as I clean around the house, thus, she is also doing those things when she is “cleaning.” I have to say it DOES making house hold chores a bit more tolerable. I am totally going to soak it up while I can. Lord knows it won’t be long before she is telling me I am the meanest mommy in the world for making her clean her room.
lc vacuum 1

Can you do Mommy's room next?


I guess at this stage of development they are all about imitation. She imitates most everything that I do. I LOVE it! I find it cute when she tries to “crochet” or when she is playing mommy to her baby dolls (each of which has its own name…..) Today she set “Bea” up in her booster seat., strapped her in, brought play food over, and pretended to feed her. All while saying “Bea eat.” “No no no, eat!” It was way cute and I ate every minute of its sweetness up!

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