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Sometimes I Find a GREAT Bargain!

Like when the other day I found this fabric in the remnants bin on clearance. There was 7/8ths of a yard (which I found odd for it to be a remnant but what do I know…..) Anyways, it was almost an entire yard or really cute fabric for $3! So, of course I snatched it up thinking I can totally make Stink a shirt or dress out of it.  Today I made her a drawstring top (aka a pillow case dress shortened to a shirt length)

All you do is cut out two main pieces with arm holes. Sew casings at the top of each main piece. Sew your side seams together. Sew your arm hole seams. Last, sew a hem. So easy.  I used the Chloe pattern found at Sew Sweet Patterns. The only problem that I have with this pattern is that for some reason the front pattern piece doesn’t print out the very bottom part. However, for even a beginner sewer it is easy to figure out what it should be. I made it shirt length for my Stink because I happen to think it’s cute that way 🙂 This dress/shirt literally takes 30 minutes to do. It is very simple and I have received umpteen million compliments on the previous ones that I have done for Stink (as in many friends are now requesting I make some for their girls!) Anyways here is my final product! Can’t wait to show Stink!

Don't you just love these "bursting" polk-a-dots!


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Roller Romper

Do you remember when you were a kid and you put your romper on and rolled around in your roller skates? Okay, I don’t actually remember it but I have pictures from my childhood where my mom did this to us. It’s waaaaaay cute 🙂 Anyways, I stumbled across a pattern for a “Roller Romper” and of course I HAD to try it. The pattern was purchased from The Chickadee Patterns and is listed as The Roller Skate Romper. The patter is simple to follow and easy to read. There are plenty of pictures to help a newbie like me along the way. It even was a great beginner project for me to practice making bias tape (added bonus!) The pattern was delivered within 24 hours and was simple to download, print, and piece together. I would strongly recommend this pattern to other beginners looking for something beyond a basic dress or skirt to do for their little diva. Another great aspect of this pattern is that from cut to finish it only took me about two hours, and that was with a regular sewing machine and making bias tape for the first time.

I had to add two inches in length but this is based on the 2t sizing

Elastic waistband with zig zag stitch


Made my own bias tape using a bias buddy- totally worth the money!


Since we're not potty trained over here I used snaps instead of sewing up the crotch.

I used a twin bed sheet for the fabric and bias tape. My next one that I WILL do has got to be done in some kind of Rainbow Bright Fabric because doesn’t this just scream RAINBOW BRIGHT!

She looks like my older sister in this pic!

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Warhol Dress Variation

Recently my husband went through his closet and purged some of his clothes. He actual wound up purging a TON of his clothes. He does this every 5 years or so. He’s not much of a shopper so he tends to wear the same thing year after year….. Anyways,  I went through the bags and pulled some of the shirts out to refashion into clothes for Stink. One of the shirts that he was getting rid of was his “Mighty Mighty Bosstones” shirt (a band we both love and his FAVORITE shirt!)  He had this shirt since college where we met 10 year ago (if that tells you anything about how long he holds on to things!) Usually I am the one telling him to purge purge purge but I couldn’t send this shirt out the door yet. It had to many memories for me. I decided that I would keep the shirt in my refashion pile until I found something to do with it.  I began perusing the internet for inspiration and that is when I stumbled across this tutorial for The Warhol Dress. In my version I just skipped the part with the Freezer paper and fabric paint since my shirt had a pre-printed design on it. Also, instead of using the pre-existing hem on the bottom I cut my pattern pieces out to incorporate the pre-existing design and then used my Serger to put a rolled hem around the bottom. Here is the end result!





She wouldn't let me take a pic from the front but that's okay because on this dress the back is where it's at!


Hubby loved the dress and that fact that his mini me was the one wearing! I posted a pic on Facebook and all of our old college buddies posted comments on how they remembered that shirt! (That is how often he wore it :O) It’s a bit big for her right now as the closest size on the pattern for her was a 3t, but that just gives us more time to wear it. Also, I made the shoulder loop too big and had to cut it. I’ll have to fix that later but for now I just tied it and sent her off.

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My First “Order” as of 3/12/11

So far I have completed most of one order. I have done three dresses and one pair of shorts. That leaves, for this order one dress and one pair of shorts left. Then on to the second order, which has four shorts, three halter tops, three peasant shirts, and three dresses. Whew! Thank God for my mother-in-law for watching Stink.

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Tiered Ruffle Skirt and Peasant Blouse….. Yes More Sewing :)

Still on my sewing kick this week. Sure there is tons to do around the house before the realtor comes to do the once over to tell Hubby and I what we need to do to make the house sellable, but who can resist the urge to sew when it springs upon you. Okay, some of you can, but me…. not so much. Also, if I want to get any good and become the next greatest designer in the world I HAVE to practice. Okay….. so maybe not the next greatest designer but still if I want to get better I  have to keep at it. I found some more sewing blogs that offer free tutorials for some simple pieces. The first Tanya Whelan’s blog Grand Revival. This is where I found the tutorial for the Ruffle Skirt. The tutorial was simple to follow and the pattern was super easy.  I don’t have a Serger (yet) so I had to do a basic hem on the Ruffles and hand sew the ruffles, however, even then this did not take me long (1 1/2 hrs) to do.

Tiered ruffle skirt



MMMMMM Snacks.....

The second piece I made today was from Indie Tutes and is for a Peasant Blouse. This too was a well laid out tutorial with simple steps to follow.  The only change I made was to do a standard hem on the sleeves instead of making and elastic casing (I ran out of elastic 😦 ) Despite that I think it turned out pretty good!

Peasant shirt


And here we are mad because mommy made us change clothes


and.... we have snacks again so we're good......

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